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Forklift Fundamental

Every year thousands of injuries occur in us workplaces as a result of improper operation of powered industrial trucks and forklifts.

Regrettably, most employee injuries and property damage can be attributed to the lack of safe operating procedures or the lax enforcement of safety measures.

With insufficient or inadequate training of operators, you are setting the stage for disaster. Forklift fundamentals: get the facts shows the safety requirements relating to fire protection, design, maintenance, and use of forklift trucks powered by electric motors or internal combustion engines. This informative training will help you:

  • Recognize hazards through proper inspections
  • Train and retrain your operators
  • Understand maintenance and inspection requirements

Forklift fundamentals: get the facts will help you reduce the risk of forklift accidents through the establishment of comprehensive worker training practices and knowledge building measures. This essential training dvd will also explain your responsibilities and actions necessary to maintain a properly trained workforce, capable of operating a forklift safely.

Forklift case history: serious business takes a harrowing look at the consequences which can result when safety is disrespected while working with or around forklifts. This program emphasizes safety when securing loads as well as platforms, and establishes a generally acceptable speed when operating and turning the forklift.

With gripping reenactments, forklift case history: serious business will help ensure your employees handle forklifts and pallet trucks safely, avoiding mistakes that could result in termination, or even loss of life.

Every calendar year, osha reports that more than 100,000 employees are injured as a result of unsafe forklift operations; 85 result in death. With the help of the construction forklifts compliance package, you can make sure your workplace does not contribute to this harrowing statistic. This training course is designed to comply with osha standard 1910.178, which covers required practices for forklift safety and operations.

The construction forklifts compliance package provides a thorough background on lifting principles, startup and walk-around inspections, and safe work practices that should be installed in every workplace for maximum safety when working with and around forklifts.

Osha does not take forklift safety lightly. With the help of the construction forklifts compliance package, your company can avoid hefty fines for non-compliance, avert potential lawsuits from negligent forklift operations, and, more importantly, install proper forklift work habits that can save the lives of those you care about.