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Industrial Counterbalance Lift Trucks

Operating a forklift in a busy workplace is a big responsibility, and it can be a challenge. It’s a specialized piece of equipment, and it has special handling requirements.

Use this osha-approved safety training to learn how to safely operate forklifts and powered industrial trucks as well as how to deal with their limitations and how to keep a forklift stable under different operating conditions.

Marcom’s forklift safety: industrial counterbalance lift trucks training has been designed to introduce employees to the forklift they’ll be using, explain its capabilities and limitations, and show them how to operate and maintain it properly.

  • Inspect your forklift before every use.
  • Know how to refuel or recharge it safely.
  • Make sure you can see clearly when operating your forklift, even if it means driving in reverse.
  • Use caution in high-traffic areas.
  • Stay alert for pedestrians and other vehicles.

With the Forklift Safety Training Package you can train your forklift operators and comply with OSHA 1910.178; Safety Standard for the Safe Operation of Forklifts and Powered-Industrial Trucks.

Forklift Basics: Safe From The Start

Forklift operator safety training is mandatory to comply with OSHA’s forklift safety standards (OSHA 1910.178). This bestselling program provides details on the powered industrial truck, from the way it’s constructed to the way it works.

  • Powered industrial trucks
  • Design and controls
  • Pre-use inspection
  • Operator’s manual

Forklift Maneuvers: All The Right Moves

This bestselling training program covers the most important forklift safety issues – from operating conditions to load manipulation. With this important information, your forklift drivers will be equipped to operate safely and avoid accidents and your workplace will comply with OSHA’s forklift safety standard.

  • OSHA training requirements
  • Operating conditions, loads and stability
  • Lifting people
  • Hazardous operating conditions

Industrial counterbalance lift trucks are the forklifts that do most of the materials handling work in industrial facilities today. They get these tasks done quickly and efficiently, but they can also be dangerous… killing more than 100 workers and injuring thousands more every year.