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Working Around Forklifts: A Pro-Active Approach

Employees must follow the golden rule of safety when working in or around forklifts. This program will motivate them to remain vigilant and also breakdown necessary and vital safety precautions.

Learn about…

  • Inherent Hazards in Forklifts
  • What to Watch For When Turning
  • Mechanics & Visibility
  • Warning Devices
  • Parking

Working around forklifts: a pro-active approach stays true to its name throughout this specialized training. Appropriate for drivers as well as those working in areas where the forklift is to be operated, this training begins with discussing the inherent hazards in forklifts.

The operation of the forklift must be done so with great regard for those working around it and working around forklifts: a pro-active approach shows each potential driver what to keep a keen eye out for when turning, driving, lifting, loading, and parking forklifts.

Forklifts and other powered, industrial trucks are equipped with safety devices and mirrors, but if not trained properly, your workers and operators will not know how they serve to protect them and others from incident, putting your company and bottom line at risk. Working around forklifts: a pro-active approach illustrates the mechanics of forklifts, demonstrates how to utilize warning devices, and highlights the visibility and sight restrictions when operating a forklift.

Scissor lifts are portable, hydraulic-powered lifts commonly used by companies to provide workers with a surefooted working and walking space at construction sites. There are many hazards associated with scissor lifts that include using the equipment during high winds or bad weather; overloading the equipment with heavy objects; removing the guardrails during operation; and driving the lift on uneven or unstable ground.

Scissor lifts for construction will provide workers with a sharp and detailed knowledge of this useful machine while examining lifting principles as well as proper control and operation.

Minimize scissor lift hazards by establishing safe work practices, including performing a walk-around inspection of the lift before every use. With the addition of scissor lifts for construction to your safety training library, you will train workers to operate scissor lifts safely, ensure the scissor lift has a guardrail system for fall protection and operate and maintain the lift according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.